I feel like a freight train just ran over me. I really didn’t see it coming. At least, not so soon. I thought I saw it way, way down the track and hoped Divine intervention would stop it. But, Divine intervention has allowed it not only safe passage, but additional speed so all of a sudden it is upon me. I know many in my generation feel the same way.

I was born in 1943 and can remember snippets of the 40’s. Such as, walking with my mother to the movie theater downtown and watching a breath-taking musical that blew my little 3 year old mind away. Afterward, we went to the “ladies lounge” where the women smoked or maybe there was an intermission for the smokers. Either way, I remember it was a large room with a big round ottoman in the middle. My mother would sit on it (I think it was red worn velvet.) and smoke and I would dance around reliving the thrilling world I had just left. Then we would walk home. It might be dark. It didn’t matter. We were not afraid.

The innocence gone: wars, bad laws, bad lawmakers, indifference, feminism, failure of the church, failure of the educational system, failure of the government, my failure, your failure, all played a part in the demise of the world I grew up in and now mourn its passing.

Today, I read an article by John Piper in which he pointed out the most destructive sentence ever penned in America (his opinion). It was uttered in 1992 by Chief Justice Anthony Kennedy. “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.” Piper goes on to say, “That view of human autonomy – defining one’s own existence – is so widespread that, unless we have a deeper, stronger, more compelling view of human nature that explains where such sentences come from, our children will simply be swept away and along with the culture.”

Where do we find a “deeper, stronger, more compelling view of human nature”? The only place I know (and I beg you dear family and friends, to search this out for yourselves) is the Book that the Creator of human nature wrote so we could understand human nature – the Bible. If you have never read it, just ask the Creator, its author, to show you Truth, if you can about truth. If you are tired of the “What’s true for you is true for you, but may not be for me, and the make up your own truth” philosophy that is the world view we all live in, then I am telling you there is absolute Truth. And you can find it.

Pick up the Bible, start in the book of John, read slowly and carefully. If you feel you are not understanding it or don’t agree with it, talk to someone you know who does read it. And if you don’t know anyone who reads it, contact me.

I have crawled off the track and am waiting for the Maker of all history to bring it to its right and true conclusion.

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