Hey Mama! Boy! Do I admire you! Compared to you I raised my kids in a quiet time in history. Of course, now, it is their kids causing most of the trouble. Let me clarify that. Not my grandkids, but other peoples’ grandkids.

Where the adult is made or lost is in the home — as a child. I know. I know. The perfect parents can raise a bad apple, and the worst of parents can raise a saint. I believe that has more to do with God than parenting skills.

God created us to be in families. Children need their mother and father. Nothing can take the place of a nurturing home life.

Mama, you already know this, but children are sponges and parrots. They hear and absorb everything their parents say and they mimic what their parents do.

Wow! Do you feel that weight of responsibility? You are a shaper, former, teacher, and the most important thing you will teach your child is the Gospel.

“It is at home where living in light of the gospel counts the most, but for too many this is where it matters the least.” – Pastor Juan Sanchaz

Alas, from the state of the Union and Church today, I am afraid, Pastor Juan is right. If you are the mama of a small child today you are probably raising Gen Z or if they are under 5 they haven’t been named yet.

You have a big job ahead of you. I want to encourage you, dear Christian Mama, God has placed you exactly where you are and given you the skills needed to raise that little rug-rat, or as Jonathan Edward called children, vipers. Vipers was a term of endearment. After all, he had eleven children. But, he was also describing their born into fallen state.

So, God has given you babies to raise into adulthood. Babies born sinners and in need of a Savior. Your job, dear Mama, is to raise them in the light of the Gospel of grace and leave the rest to God.

Here is the greatest encouragement I can leave you with, you can be absolutely sure you are not alone in this. Jesus said, I will never leave you nor forsake you. He knows exactly what you are going through and will go through.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Jesus knows the path your little viper will follow to get to the foot of the cross.

Pray, model, preach (yes, preach) the Gospel to them and yourself, bestow grace, discipline, and love, love, love, them.

And lastly find a community of like-minded mothers. There is power in shared faith.

Heaven is looking on. Jesus is on the move.

You are loved!

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