I have the honor and privilege to be on the Book Launch Team for a new 28 day devotional that will be available on Amazon January 1, 2021.  Bright Hope was written by Erin Cushman, the founder and former Executive Director of Hope Mommies (hopemommies.org), a gospel-centric nonprofit ministry that serves the infant loss community. 

Although, it is written with those families in mind, it ministers to anyone suffering loss and grief.  I am a great-grandmother and by God’s grace, I have not experienced the loss of a child, but I have had more grieving times in my life than I like to think about.  During those times I would have loved a book like this. 

You can’t ask someone who is grieving to focus and absorb big chunks of words, no matter how encouraging they might be.  With that in mind Erin has written this book for mourners who can grasp a little at a time.  During my times of grief my attention span shortens and my focus blurs. During those times, if you handed me five pages of encouragement to read, I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. Even Scripture that I love, I have to mustard all the concentration I can to read and absorb it. This is the beauty of Bright Hope. It gives me small doses of hope and comfort for 28 days.  That is a goal I can accomplish. 

But that is not all I love about this book.  It is filled with Scripture and theology and put together with grace and love. 

Let me give you an example.

“Grief makes us desperate.  Desperate for answers, for time to reverse itself; desperate for one last moment with our beloved.

Impatient to escape from the constant pain; frantic for understanding; desperate for good.  Grief is all consuming, taking over the heart, mind, and body.  It feels inescapable, and depression deepens.

David, the psalmist that penned Psalm 143, understood that all-consuming desperation… David didn’t spend his time problem solving for himself, taking endless counsel with others, or ignoring the pain until it passed.  David was not waiting on the passing of time to mitigate the pain.

David’s first response was a heartfelt appeal to the God of steadfast love to act.”

Erin then shows us how to come before the Lord, to behold the Lord, to find Bright Hope and to walk in Bright Hope.

On December 1, Giving Tuesday, if you make a donation to Hope Mommies you will receive a copy of the Book.  Not only will you be contributing to a vital ministry, but you will be blest with a gift of the book. Then on January 1, Bright Hope will be available on Amazon.

If you know anyone who has lost a child or is grieving for any reason, Bright Hope would be the perfect gift for them. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

As Erin says, Jesus’ offer to come has no expiration date. Be blessed!

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